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“Overcoming My Snoring - Success Story“

“How I managed to get rid of the problem of snoring!“

Friday, February 21st 2020

Hey there. I decided to post this blog in order to help others that may be suffering or know someone who is suffering from the same condition I dealt with from a long time. Im grateful today to be in the position to say I eventually managed to overcome it. This venture of mine entailed many failures which lead to total misery for my family and I. The blog today discusses my trials, errors, hurdles and successes that has led me to this moment, happily typing this blog to share to the world who could do with some much needed help I wish I had years ago.

A condition that had taken its toll on my well being. It resulted in friendship losses, job loss, financial struggles and it undermined my character. I was a shell of myself, unable to pretend and incapable of sustaining a level of happiness one could ever be content with. My essence had become change, for the greater good of my surroundings, for me, my family and friends. It wasn't even about me anymore. It impacted my relationships, personal health, clarity of thought and overall happiness. For this reason, this blog post means a lot to me and could be the very post that I hope helps many others with the same condition. With increasing numbers of Sleep Apnea symptoms expected to be over 22 million in the United States alone, I was rest assured I wasn't alone, however, it was my battle to fight. If you're reading this today and you feel you can relate, please don't give up on hope. If had given up I wouldn't be here today writing this my story. I'm thankful because I remained determined to get better during times of great adversity. This has shaped me into a better person and more grateful person today. I’m confident I can guide you and others who may be suffering in the right direction. This is for those who perhaps feel totally hopeless and also for those in pursuit of a solution. I've decided to shed some light on the situation and discuss some of my previous troubles and how I managed to overcome them.

The topic of discussion today is snoring. I know to some this may seem normal, however, to me and many others it’s more than just a snore. It’s a life compromising and debilitating issue that I had to deal with for many years.

My Story

I’ve been snoring since for as long as I can remember. I never really paid much attention to it as I would never notice it as it never really impacted me in anyway in the past, or so I thought. I would sleep over in my friends house and they would always complain about my snoring. As a result, I would always sleep as far away from them as possible. It was something that didn't bother me much and so I never paid much attention to it. I would always have a laugh about it because I wasn’t the person being affected by it and I found it somewhat humorous to find out the next day that it had gotten to my sleeping buddies without me even knowing about it. Karma would come back to bite me in the ass here!

However, things changed when I got married. In the beginning my wife put up with it and didn’t complain too much about it. However, over time, it began to have an impact on our relationship. My wife would regularly wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back asleep leaving her exhausted the next day. I didn’t want to have to sleep in a separate room to her so I tried various products to see what would work. To my surprise, there were very few solutions that actually made any real noticeable difference.

My snoring began to get worse to the point where I started waking myself up at night. I would feel like I was suffocating throughout the night. I tried all different sleeping positions but nothing worked. I developed chronic fatigue and brain fog and work became very difficult for me. I ended up sleeping in a different room to my wife at night and our marriage was on edge as well. I was totally bitter and unable to cope effectively which took a toll on all of my relationships. I had to take some time off work as it progressively worse. I eventually said enough is enough and I went to get it looked at. I booked in to see my doctor who referred me to a specialist who diagnosed me with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). The doctor advised I get a CPAP mask so I bought one that week. I still can't get over how doctors are recommending people to use them as I personally found them incredibly uncomfortable, noisy and difficult to sleep with.  I tried it for a few nights and couldn’t fall asleep using it. It was a total disaster! Perhaps other users experiences with CPAP machines are different than mine but I completely despised mine with a passion! I felt totally hopeless and was really starting to lose hope and my mood was at its lowest. I tried my CPAP mask a few more times out of desperation but I couldn’t get used to it. I thought there had to be an alternative so I kept searching.


Finally A Solution

A year later after going through what can only be described as hell, I was at my friends dinner party. She mentioned that her friend went through the exact same problem and had seen a very good doctor who found a solution for it. So I spoke with him and he recommended I don’t bother see another doctor but to take his advice that he had received from his specialist. He described his situation and it sounded exactly like mine. He advised me about a product called the SnoreCircle. He said it worked like magic for him and he was able to overcome his issue straight away. He said he got his from a website called snorepal.co. So I checked them out and they seemed to have incredible reviews. I was a bit skeptical in the beginning because if a CPAP Mask didn’t work for me, how the heck was a small smart devise going to ever work for me! However, he reassured me that he too was a bit skeptical in the beginning as he thought it was too good to be true but his doctor gave him full confidence that it will work as he has had a lot of patients just like me who have seen incredible results from using it. 


When I received it, it reminded me of the experience of unwrapping a new Apple i-phone for the first time. When I went to sleep that night, that’s when my life changed. My wife who could hear my snoring from the other room could now hear nothing. So I moved back in with her and she says she never hears me snore anymore. I couldn't get over how quickly it worked. It was an incredible feeling. I noticed results from the very first night. That night was my first time waking up not feeling like I was suffocating in over a year. Every day now when I wake up, I feel relaxed and full of energy. SnoreCircle resolved my issue with snoring in the easiest and fastest way.


I want to make it a mission of mine to spread the word about this. I believe that if you’re in a situation that I used to be in, this is most definitely a very good solution for you. I’m not a doctor but a former sufferer and I can tell you from my experience, this product has improved the quality of my life considerably. For a small price relative to its effectiveness, it’s a remarkably cheap product. Looking at it at first glance, you would think it would be a lot more expensive. It’s totally different to anything else on the market at the moment. I have tried and tested so many different products and nothing comes close to it. It can be really disheartening when you feel like you've tried everything and nothing really works. However, it's a magical feeling when you manage to find something that truly works for you.

When you fall asleep and it detects a snore or vibration, it will send an impulse which stimulates a muscle contraction. This is the technology which keeps your throat airways open. I'm far from a tech geek however I've found this product very straight forward to use. You just stick it between your chin and throat at night and it works its magic! I find the technology and how the body responds to it to be quite incredible. I was concerned it may fall off during the night as I tend to move a lot but it's very robust and sticky. It’s compatible with an App on you can download on your phone called Sleeplus. This is very useful as you can check and track your progress over time and test the effectiveness of the product itself. I hope this blog provides value to sufferers out there that can potentially relate to my story. I found restored peace and well-being through innovation and word of mouth and you can too. I’m forever grateful to have come across the SnoreCircle and couldn’t recommend it more.

Thanks for taking the time to read through my blog today. I really hope this helps to provide you with some hope and direction. Wishing you all the best with your journey.

Will Jackson