FAQ's – The Biohacking Club


Q.1 Does the device have to be connected to my phone?

A: The device can be used alone. Data will be automatically saved without needing to connect to Bluetooth. In the morning, simply open the app and sync the previous night's data via Bluetooth.  

Q.2 How can I connect the SnoreBud to my phone?

Download the Sleeplus app on your mobile first. Turn on your SnoreBud. Once you open the Sleeplus app, it will prompt you to sync your phone with your device. Press and hold the record button to sync your device.  

Q.3 My device isn't gathering data?

A: There are three reasons for this;

1. Your phone isn't connected to your device.

2. Ensure that your phone is no further than 50cm from you whilst you sleep. 

3. You haven't synced your data to your phone

Q4. Does my phone need to be connected to my device during sleep to collect data?

Your device doesn't need to be connected to your phone during your sleep in order to view sleep data. The device and your phone will collect your data itself separately. In to sync further data to your app, simply open up your app and press the function button on your device sync your data. 


Q.5 How do I sync sleeping data?

A: Turn on the device and enable Bluetooth on your phone. Open the Sleeplus app and bind your device (instructions on binding are provided when you first download the app). After using the device, simply press the power switch to sync and upload data to the app. You can then view your snore report generated by the app. 


Q.6 How long until I see results?

A: You will experience the effects on the first night of use, but we recommend using it for more than a week after you find the optimal setting to notice maximum results. Test it at different intervention intensities, analyse your data and keep testing different settings until you find your optimal intervention to achieve consistent results. Everyone is different, some people find it works better on a lower setting and others require a much higher setting. Find which setting is best for you and you're all set for silent sleeps!

Q.7 Is the device harmful to the human body?

A: The device does no harm to the human body because it uses a physical intervention. It is worn only while sleeping and works automatically once started without the need to enable Bluetooth. 

Q.8 How Do I Wear The Device

Q.9 How can I get the best results from my device?

This will help you achieve consistent results

  • Ensuring your mobile device is no further than 50cm away from you to ensure it gathers data accurately
  • Analysing your results each day and testing your devices intensity interventions and settings at different levels to find the best setting for You
  • Avoiding caffeine 8 hours before sleep
  • Avoiding screen time an hour before sleep
  • Avoiding eating late
  • Losing weight
  • Stopping smoking
  • Relaxation exercises (yoga+meditation) before bed
  • Having a warm shower before bed
  • Ensuring your bedroom is 100% dark (Use a sleep mask if required)
  • Dimming all lights 2 hours before bed to trigger the mind it's time to fall asleep

Here is an example of results from one of many of our customers who consistently achieves 95%+ results each night. This customer has severe sleep apnea and despises his CPAP mask. He mentioned the Intensity To Stop Snoring setting that works best for him is the strongest setting. He also found that the Device Sensitivity that worked best for him was a Weak setting. It took him roughly 4 nights until he found the most suitable setting. However, he started at a low setting, analyzed his results each morning and made an intuitive and logical decision based on his data to increase his intensity intervention slowly each day. 

Find out what Intensity To Stop Snoring setting and Device Sensitivity setting that works best for you by testing different strengths every time you use it. Our tips above are designed to help you achieve results like this consistently too!


Reading your Data

On the Y - Axis
Green bar = little snoring detected
Yellow bar = moderate snoring detected
Red bar = severe snoring detected
On the X - Axis
Orange = Left side snoring detected
Blue = Flat lying snoring detected
Red = Right side snoring detected
Decibela unit used to measure the intensity of your snoring sound
Snoring Stopped = should be snores detected (in the process of change)
Snores Stopped = the amount of snores the device stopped
Success Rate = the percentage ratio of snores detected to snores stopped. 


Adjusted to the Left = Weak Sensitivity / Intensity - (This is the default setting) 

Adjusted to the Right = Strong Sensitivity / Intensity


The key to achieving consistent results is to test different settings and find the best setting for You. The best approach is to increase the settings slowly each night.


SENSITIVITY - This settings allows you to increase or decrease the Device Sensitivity. Your chosen setting will dictate how responsive your intervention will be to your snoring. If your setting is weak, your device will be very receptive to your snoring. If you find your device is too responsive, we advise increasing your Device Sensitivity setting to a Stronger setting. 

INTENSITY TO STOP SNORING - This settings allows you to increase or decrease the intervention power.  Some users get best results on a much higher setting and others on a lower setting. Everyone is different, so you need to find the most optimal setting best suited for you by testing it each night. Sliding the green circle to the right will increase its strength and power. Increase it slowly overtime until you find the sweet spot

POSTPONE TO START ANTI-SNORING FUNCTION - This settings allows you to increase or decrease the amount of time until the device starts to function. How long does is typically take you to fall asleep? If it’s 15 minutes set it to 15 minutes etc