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Our Story

 SnoreSet™ is the official online global retailer for the snore stopper device. We have supporters from over 100 different countries worldwide. To date, we have over 300,000 customers globally and the response has been incredible. 


SnoreSet™ aims to fill the gap between uncomfortable CPAP masks and unproven alternatives in the industry.

SnoreSet™ was founded in 2019 with one aim in mind, to help people who Snore or suffer from Sleep Apnea.

We decided to provide a comfortable and effective solution as we noticed snoring and sleep apnea issues becoming a more prevalent concern across the globe. 


On a personal note, we’d like to thank everyone who has supported us so far and been a part of this journey. Our customers are central to our operation, and it is with you in mind that we aim to be the best at what we do.

If there is ever anything you would like to discuss, please email by contacting our contact us page

Your support is appreciated from everyone at